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Brick Cleaning and Restoration in London, South East and Nationwide

If you are looking for a thorough brick cleaning or restoration project in London or the South East, you won’t find better qualified than the Spectrum team. Our cleaning and restoration solutions can preserve your precious masonry and brick back your exteriors to their former glory.Our vast experience in cleaning and restoring various different buildings and surfaces in London and the South East (several protected and of historic importance) gives us the expertise to understand the best method required for your brickwork, how achieve the desired results and to exceed your expectations with a job completed to the highest possible standards.

Where many companies will default to pressure washing for building exteriors, we strongly advise that pressure washers are to be avoided on bricks. Often the excessive pressure can damage bricks, splitting the surface and eroding the top layer of the surface; causing damage and an unwanted rough surface finish. The pressure also forces more water into the brick which can lead to further damage over time.

Typically, bricks should have a biocide concentrate that is specially mixed for each job or area of brickwork depending on its requirements. For example, the mixture and chemical balance used to clean algae growth should be different to that of treating staining.

Limescale on brickwork can easily develop from water damage, and this should be treated differently. Once the brickwork is treated with an appropriate cleaning agent, the limescale itself should be removed with steam; preferably using a DOFF steam cleaning machine, which is specifically built for delicate but heavy-duty cleaning of stone and masonry.

DOFF Steam Cleaning in London and the South East

The DOFF machine used by Spectrum delivers very high temperature steam for an effective cleaning process without damaging the brickwork; instead preserving its finish and texture. We recommend this system because it is one of the only machines available to achieve 150 degrees at the end of the nozzle. Most machine’s manufacturing temperature promises are achieved within the machine itself, but do not relate to the temperature achieved out of the machine’s nozzle, and therefore its steam product. The tangible difference can be between ten and twenty degrees, ensuring Spectrum always delivers you the highest possible temperature stream for maximum cleaning efficiency. The most effective brick cleaning can only be achieved with Spectrum, using DOFF Cleaning machines.

We can remove paint from your brickwork

Using the super-heated steam from our DOFF Cleaning equipment, we can safely remove paint without damaging the brickwork underneath it. This result is a struggle to achieve with pressure washers, as their spread is often uneven and cannot differentiate between the paint and the brickwork to be preserved underneath. Waterproofing brickwork in London and the South East

After your brick cleaning has been completed, Spectrum can apply a transparent coating that seals your bricks and makes them water-tight. This helps to preserve your bricks over the long term and prevents future water damage and unsightly staining.

Brick Restoration and pointing in London and the South East

If your brickwork has suffered from water damage Spectrum can restore the brick work back to their natural look and feel. We will first roughly clean the bricks and expose masonry surfaces. We will point out the masonry between the bricks where necessary and mix the correct amount of cement and even mix in colouring if necessary to blend into the existing colour of the masonry in the bricks.

Needle Gun Restoration in London and the South East

Some internal Brickwork is finished with a needle gun to give a worn and older looking texture which can bring out some beautiful characteristics to the brickwork. Although the machines look like they are literally hammering the bricks with many small needles, it is a delicate process that requires care and experience to not damage the bricks or to take away too much of the brickwork.

The process can also be used to bring back some new life to the bricks especially if they are tired, or if they have had water damage. We have carried out various different brick work restoration to apartments that have had water damage and staining. Please see before and after pictures below.

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